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We develop designs for medium and big businesses


We address the client’s communication needs through  high-end design  and impactful content

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Our awards

Our works have been awarded at international and national specialized design festivals

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Corporate Reporting

We understand the specifics of corporate reporting and provide the full range of services, from analytics to regulatory assurance and from design concept to entry into industry competitions. We offer all modern reporting formats. We operate as a one-stop shop

Annual | ESG | Sustainability | Integrated | Smart PDF | HTML | Printing
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We create high-performing websites and digital products to address the client’s business challenges as part of our turnkey annual and sustainability reporting services

Interactive Reports | Web Design | Mobile Design | SMM
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Report Consulting

We address the client’s communication needs through high-end design and impactful content. We perceptively assess and analyse corporate communications. We offer recommendations to improve the quality of disclosures and their visual presentation to match the client’s business objectives and the broader market environment. We support the client through trade and industry competitions


Corporate Сommunications

We develop a corporate identity and corporate materials to deliver on whatever the client’s goals may be. We use lucid designs to attract the target audience, build a dialogue with customers, boost market positions, and sustain and promote corporate culture

Strategy | Identity | Guidebook | Brandbook | Welcome Book | Code of Ethics | Presentation | Report | etc.
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We prepare professional investor and shareholder presentations as well as slide decks for internal and external communications. We develop product or company pitches to report results or accompany speeches. We treat the reader with respect by ensuring convenient navigation through the content and spotlighting important information while handling the client’s business needs

Corporate | Investor Relations | PPTX | PDF
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Photo, Graphic & Animation

We develop stunning graphics and original illustrations to help make your product and company stand out in the market. We present complex information through clear and easy-to-follow infographics. We provide corporate and industrial photography services

3D graphic | Infographic | Animation | Illustration | Photographic
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Print Design & Products

We create unique and impressive printed materials. We offer state-of-the-art certified eco-friendly materials and non-standard postprinting processes to suit any task or budget

Reports | Books | Posters | Souvenirs | Calendars | Postcards | etc.
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We design corporate branding solutions and ensure end-to-end brand development, from strategy development, naming, and logo design to creating entire brand style guides. We determine the scope of work based on your actual needs. If first impressions are the most lasting, a business impresses with a strong brand

Naming | Brand Development | Brand Strategy | Rebranding | Logo | Corporate Identity | Brand Book | Logo Book
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How we work

A close-knit team of professionals

Our turnover rate is zero, and given that our team’s headcount and skillset is constantly growing, we can simultaneously work on several major projects with a large amount of information

Strict deadlines

With smart planning, effective management, and a highly professional project team, you can be sure that the project will be completed right on time

Confidence in high quality

We set ourselves apart with our tailored approach to each task, friendly customer focus, and our outside-the-box project-specific solutions

Understanding the business

We thoroughly understand a variety of business sectors, which allows us to efficiently manage workloads and timescales for ourselves and the client’s project team when working on any given project.

Our work covers widely diverse sectors of the economy:

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    Mining industry
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    Oil and gas industry
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    Energy industry
  • Иконки
    Agricultural industry
  • Иконки
    Financial sector
  • Иконки
  • Иконки
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    Construction and development
  • Иконки
    Public organizations
  • Иконки
    Charitable foundations
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    Legal protection of the brand
  • And others
Partnerships that stand the test of time

In our work, we aim at creating long-term partnerships between our team and the client’s team, which enables projects of predictably high quality even with tight deadlines

Our  clients

We have earned the trust of Russian and international companies featured in rankings such as the Expert 400 largest companies in Russia, Forbes’200 Largest Private Companies in Russia and the RBC 100 ranking of the largest Moscow Exchange-listed companies by trading volume. We take pride in working with each of our clients and build partnerships that last

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